Artist Oompa
Year 2021
Released 2021-10-01
BPM 111
Hometown United States - Massachusetts - Boston
Artist Bio Oompa is a nationally-acclaimed, Boston-born, poet, rapper, and educator, who is forever representing the queer, black, orphaned, hood kids n’ them. She was named one of NPR’s 2020 Slingshot Artists to Watch, and her engaging, interactive performance style won her the Boston Music Award for Live Act of the Year in 2019. Following the release of her second album, Cleo, in August of 2019, Oompa sold out The Sinclair and a number of other Boston venues. Since then, she has shared the stage with renowned artists like Charli XCX, 24KGoldn, Tinashe, UMI, and Rico Nasty. Most recently, she headlined the Paradise Rock Club in Boston for her album release show on October 8, 2021.
  • Composer

    Lakiyra Williams


[Verse 1]
I ain't made it but I’m damn close
Shit been going butter
& I Spread to the gutter
So you know I need the damn toast
I Keep all of my enemies and fam close
can’t tell the difference.
Everybody out to get you when you get it.
It’s like they happier to see you when you struggling with it
But When you get it they forget you had to GO and GET it
So They throw the dirt back on you
To remind you from the trenches
I’m convinced they wanna see you how they see themselves
For me to excel I had to go see them cells
To buy the boardwalk you know had to sling them shells
Left the streets but always out here screaming free the jails
My life is pretty good I can’t compare
I think that’s why they wanna see me fail
I think that’s why they sending me them spells
So I send em to they sender
I don’t like most of you niggas
I been distance
In case You can’t tell.
I use to love you but this game fake.
I tried to give to you in this give and take
I couldn’t tell the leeches from the snakes
Now Every body smiling at you
tryna throw a lil ass
Just to see what’s really on your plate
It’s getting weirder so I’m getting weirder
Homies even actin bitter
Can’t eem tell you one
Good reason why they Aint fucking w her
I aint never been small
& I don’t ever plan on shrinking
tried to make me kiss yo ass
to pay my dues what was you thinking?
I’m a super nova nigga
To stop the dynasty
Gonna need a super nova nigga
You think you super hot but
My boy you 2 from over nigga
And that’s a bean na mean
No me gusta nigga
(No me gusta lil bitch)

[Hook x2]
I think I’m running outta patience
You always think you gonna love when you get it til you hate it
Fuck niggas got a lot to say until they gotta say it to my face
They gon have to leave a message I’m on like my 40th vacation
Cuz I’m running outta patience
I think I’m running outta patience

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