Who? featuring Jae Mansa

Artist Who? featuring Jae Mansa
Year 2022
Released 2022-09-30
BPM 135
Hometown United States - Virginia - Newport News
Artist Bio Who? is bringing impactful rap concepts to your ears that are delivered with copious amounts of soul, wit, and depth. Over the course of his young career, he’s found inspiration in rap’s most creative forces like Pharrell, Kanye West, and Missy Elliott, and has been able to amass more than 1,000,000 streams across all platforms — no small feat for an independent artist. Who?’s ascent is owed to the important stories he explores in his music and are now able to be experienced by reading them.
  • Composer

    David Braxton, Daron Johnson, Robert Vasquez


(Who?) & Jae Mansa
(We popped the lock off the game)
Me and you, we not the same
(I aint quit when I felt pain)
Cuz winners can never complain
(Rollie all gold paine jane
Me and you we not the same)
I’m from the mud
worth more then gold
(Me and you, we not the same)

[Verse 1] (Who?)
I’m in the G with the dot above it
I point to God cuz you not above him
You the man in the meta-verse
Well, Who? the man when he out in public
Biggest difference, rapped it then lived it
Dove in the deep like I dont value living
God given spirit
Who? vibrate light
Never had a plan B
This a one way flight
Took a risk in shinest conditions
Round mound pitchers like Roger Clemems
Older brother needed commissary
Keep me focused on my shot,
Boobie Gibson
Who? the franchise
If I Ieft now
stat line look like Steve Franics
Really grind 10,000 hours
Didnt get here
off no little dances
Tik Toking
Stock dropping
Label deals
Keep me laughing
Need 100 mill
Thats my bottom line
If you dont have it
quit asking
Culture vulture trynna bend me over?
Leaved you thawed out like the fridge is open
why they trynna treat me
like Im greener then
Sahale fits, camping in the forest?
True story
Thats a bad look
Found all my answers
in a old book
Thats a cheat code
for the stove cooks
Everybody nose
got a blow look
These white lines
Who? been dope
Finna Raise the bar
From a big boat
While me and Chris sitting back laughing
at all ya favorites trynna limbo

[Verse 2] (Jae Mansa)
You ain’t never seen em like me before
use to be broke now that shit on the flo
They love me or hate you
Man you know how it go
fuck this industry come get you a bowl
Broccoli bros got that shit by the load
I’m taking blunts so come get you some smoke
Business Nigga Im the walking goat
I fly high yeah them birds a know
I did this, I rocked shows, designer clothes got dough don’t mean shit
I Been lit let’s take a trip
First class overseas boss shit
I’m the type of Nigga when I walk in
rollie on in a new Benz
Used to dream about my first 10
Hanging round them apartments
I need these m’s and a Big crib SO I CAN feel REAL RICH
im from uptown double N
Walking legend I done did alot
But still I ain’t did shit
This a dirty game they taking souls
Mines worth a gold brick
hold up

brick brick brick brick brick brick (x4)

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