Dizzy (Vibes Only)

FKAjazz featuring JSWISS and BD3

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Title Dizzy (Vibes Only)
Artist FKAjazz featuring JSWISS and BD3
Album FK/3
Year 2022
Released 2022-01-28
BPM 94
Artist Followers 5,021
Hometown United States - New York - New York
Artist Bio FKAjazz is a Grammy-nominated, New York-based artist, acclaimed for his masterful saxophone skills and compelling talent as a music producer and DJ. His sound, a bold fusion of jazz, electronica, hip hop and soul, stands testament to his degree of creativity. His music delights the senses with its rich melodies, elaborate arrangements, and heart-touching saxophone solos.

In 2017, FKAjazz marked his debut with "Stereotype Threat", an album that drew considerable acclaim and commercial success. This distinguished triumph positioned FKAjazz as a rising luminary in the global music scape. Critics and fans alike lauded his innovative sound and the exceptional flair exhibited in his saxophone performance. Building on this momentum, the release of his sophomore album "Beautifully Awkward" in 2019 cemented his presence further as it debuted at #15 on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz Album charts.

Respected outlets have offered high praise for FKAjazz's work, with Soultracks.com describing him as "an artist who refuses to be pinned down", and TheDeliMagazine.com commending his ability to merge "a new vision and old-school precision to create an exciting new take on jazz". Moreover, United Press International recognized FKAjazz for his fearless and passionate performances, stating that he "takes you on a musical journey like no other. There is greatness here." Embodying brilliance combined with a pioneering spirit, FKAjazz continues to redefine and shape the boundaries of contemporary jazz.
  • Composer

    Samir Zarif, Jeffery Boxill, Julian Caldwell

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