What You're Made Of


Title What You're Made Of
Year 2022
Released 2022-08-26
BPM 120
Hometown United States - California - Los Angeles
Artist Bio Christopher Richard Jones better known by his stage name Jonezen, is an American rapper, songwriter, actor and guitarist. Born in Detroit, Michigan, he now resides in Los Angeles, CA. Jonezen started his career in 2005 with the rap group Outta Control until 2011. When he left the group, he started a solo career and recorded his first mixtape "Live From Rehab".
  • Composer

    Christopher Jones


Verse 1
We got the energy
I dont know you then you enemy
We got the energy
You keep on talking ii think you should let it be
You don’t want to know what it took though
You been only seeing what you look for
You don’t want to see all the work that I put down
You can put the IOU on the books now look now

Hook 1
Show em what you made of
Go on do it real major
Show em what you made of
We gun do it real major

Show em what you made of

Verse 2
Not the one you should play with
Yall aint breaking what Im made of
And the whole place bang when the bass hit
You aint doing nothing I aint seen too basic
Got learn how to act right
Ii been doing me get the bag right
My whole life on the real that’s highlight
Ima go big or go home that’s what im like aight

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