Jaylen Brown


Title Jaylen Brown
Artist YDtheBEST
Album The Best
Released 2023-02-01
BPM 160
Artist Followers 5,884
Hometown United States - Florida - Miramar

Aye uh
Jaylen Brown
I don’t miss
(I don’t miss)
Jayson Tatum
I’m a glitch
(I’m a glitch)
Draymond Green
I don’t quit

Jaylen Brown
I don’t miss
Jayson Tatum
I’m a glitch
(I’m a glitch)
Draymond Green I don’t quit
Cross him like Morant my defender doing splits

[Verse 1]
Ja Morant I got a twitch
(So switch)
Call me Ray Lewis
You don’t want me to blitz
Rudy Gobert
I’m collecting all my bags
Shooting fadeaways like
Luka from the Mavs
Go for the wrong shot
I might take it off the glass
I don’t miss no hook shoots
Like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
I’m bringing all these bars
King James with no weapons
I bring my whole squad far
Danny Ainge recruiting me
Cuz he loving all these stars

Jayson Tatum
I’m a glitch
(Glitch, uh)
Draymond Green
I don’t quit
Pat Bev
I make ‘em quit
(make em quit)
Jimmy buckets
I don’t miss
Lebron James
I’m a glitch
Derrick rose
I don’t quit
Cross them like I’m Irving
My defender doing splits

[Verse 2]
I’m the 2k don
Klay Thompson
My shots always going on
(Lets get it)
Demar DeRozan
Mid range I’m goin
For these bombs
Double team me too early
That’s when you know
You going wrong
It don’t matter if it’s Xbox or Ps
I’m lit
(I’m lit)
My player Im getting badges
We ain’t playing on these sticks
Kyle Lowry when the lights on
I’m a win it all in 6
80 percent from long range
I’m barely shooting bricks
Coach don’t bench me
You just gotta leave me
I don't miss

I’m a glitch
(Glitch, whoo)
Jose Alvarado
I don't quit
Playing through the
Flu Games
Even when im sick
When it's Dame Time
Count on me
Cuz I dont miss

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