Iman Europe and Kaelin Ellis

One stop
Title masterpiece.
Artist Iman Europe and Kaelin Ellis
Album masterpiece.
Year 2024
Released 2024-01-05
BPM 120
Artist Followers 167,035
Hometown United States - California - Los Angeles
  • Composer

    Iman Europe


i am a masterpiece.
haven’t mastered peace,
still i’m 1 of 1.
still i’m at the peak.

see i’m still the front runner,
they after me.


i make ‘em say “unh”
and getting money like master p

please pardon my confidence.
my shit, i’m ready to pop it.
i had a few problems
they threw off the rhythm
for a minute but
i’m gon always find the pocket
why try to stop it?

got the spirit of resilience
and the heart of a prophet.

can’t i flex just a little?
ain’t it amazing
how i turn all my pain into residuals?
name getting bigger,
the face card deliver.
i’m really a winner.

releasing all the people that
keep me crippled
i think they like me better
when i play little
i think this what they wanted
from andre
instead of flute and the fiddle,
i say: you niggas need to think bigger!

i think i found the key to L-I-F-E.
the less i give a f*ck,
the more you get free.
the freer that i be,
the more i choose me,
i look in the mirror, what do i see?

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