Aaron Taos

Title Bangs
Artist Aaron Taos
Album Bangs
Released 2020-05-29
BPM 155
Artist Followers 82,277
Hometown United States - California - Los Angeles
Artist Bio A wry singer/songwriter with a laid-back, cool-slacker sound, Aaron Taos emerged in the 2010s balancing his love of guitar-based indie rock with a romantic, electronic-tinged vibe. A former Vassar soccer player, Taos began releasing his songs online around 2015 and grabbed fans with low-key jams like "Ill" and "Simple and Sober." Basing himself in Brooklyn, he continued to evolve, weaving bits of EDM into his hooky pop anthems. A native of Connecticut, Taos first started playing around age seven and was writing songs and playing in bands by his teens. It was soccer that first took up most of his attention. A gifted athlete, he made the All New England team during his senior year of high school and went on to play for two years at Vassar. However, by college he was focusing more and more on music, playing in a band influenced by The Shins, Arctic Monkeys, and The Strokes. After graduating Vassar, he moved to Brooklyn and began working on his solo material. In 2015, he released the GUITS EP, which featured the tracks "Bangs" and "Simple and Sober." He garnered attention online, and more tracks followed as he moved in a more varied electronic direction. In 2017, he issued the single "Off My Mind," recorded in Los Angeles with production duo TŌN (aka Adam Korbesmeyer and Jerry Lang).

In the night, when I'm high and can't fall asleep
I think of you so desperately
Oh bangs, Oh bangs, Oh bangs
Would you believe if I said you're the one for me


And I don't want to come on too strong
But I've waited far, far too long
Oh, if something's gonna give
Then just show me the look of love
Or else I'm giving up

[Verse 2]

And I can't run around like some kinda fool
And all your friends say you ain't worth it.
That you just think aint that cool
Oh bangs, Oh bangs, Oh bangs
Now I'm alone 'cause you weren't the one for me

[Chorus 2]

But it's June and the summer has come
And brought others to take away the harm
That you left in my chest
I still have dreams about you
It's tough
But I guess I'm giving up

[Chorus 3]
And it's such a shame, it's all my fault, it's true
It's not what I did, it's what I couldn't do
Oh bangs, Oh bangs, Oh bangs
Now I'm alone 'cause you weren't the one for me

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