Quake Matthews

Title Global
Artist Quake Matthews
Album The Myth X
Released 2021-04-02
BPM 144
Artist Followers 62,053
Hometown Canada - Nova Scotia
Artist Bio Quake Matthews has long been making waves in his home country of Canada. Best known for his raspy voice and raw emotion, his signature sound creates a captivating listening experience for listeners of all walks. With each release, the rapper shows he’s on a steady incline, and with his new album, The Myth X, it's very clear that Quake Matthews continues to elevate the game.

Lebanese hash in my cigar
Irish whiskey in my glass
Got Italian on my plate
that’s the history of my past
My girl’s Asian & Jamaican
She’s a goddess, That’s a fact
Hopping off planes to paid vacations
We be all across the map, Cause I’m...


My Swiss watch don’t tic tock
Hungry heads wanna pick pocket it
Got the game zip lock
So I’m pulling strings like I’m Kid Rock-in’ it
Check the stats on Spotify
Cross the globe they been knockin’ it
Suitcase fulla dollar signs
You would think I was tryna keep feds offa my ______
Pardon drip, Its hard to lose when u got it like this
I’m throwing darts at a map on wall
Going to places u don’t know exist
To my connect in South Korea
You know I’mma see you soon
I just sent u my new album
Chuck that shit to Kim Jung UN, tell him I’m


I’m Fairview’s Fresh Prince(Prints) no crime scene
Globe trotter since 19
Big up the fam in the UK
They was showing me the ropes on the grime scene like...
Manna get rinsed when I come through
Whole squad with the shit with when I come through
So better one eye open....
Just like Slick Rick when I come through
Next stop was Amsterdam
Red lights everywhere like an ambulance
Me and Dickey had all these...
ugh never mind, he’s a family man
This life is sweet
Like a southern Grandma’s candy yams,
To the team in the ATL
We just keep on raisin hell, cause we....


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