Everything I Am VII


Title Everything I Am VII
Artist Tarik
Album Everything I Am VII
Year 2021
Released 2021-07-06
BPM 150
Artist Followers 13,605
Hometown United States - Arizona - Scottsdale
Artist Bio Tarik Lee Trotter is a rapper who was born in Far Rockaway, Queens on October 14, 1989. Tarik grew up mostly in this Brooklyn neighborhood in East New York. He has used rap, not as an escape, but as a way to channel the emotional roller coaster from circumstance into something shareable and accessible to those experiencing their own hardships.
  • Composer

    Tarik Trotter


More life, less me
At a place in life where I've been getting my best sleep
Mainly cause I'm focused on this step, not the next 3
But trust me, my next 3
Is wet like I'm Steph or Sheck Wes, don't test me
Studied the in and outs
Decided to go within
No question my whereabouts are this pin that you hearing now
I dropped it to let you know where I stand but don't GPS it
I don't arrive at conclusions no more, I re-address it
Meaning I'm seeing things as they are instead of me projecting
Everything I am seven, steadily progressing
Blowing all my profits on my reinvestments
Struggle is a sign that you cant see the blessings
Maybe it's just me but all I see are blessings
Any time I fall, I'm on my feet in seconds
If I speak my truth I know it seems I'm flexing
But this is just the kind of life I'm manifesting
This is just the kind of life I'm manifesting
Everything I am seven
This is just the kind of life I'm manifesting..

More life, more love
Imma keep this same energy when the storm comes
Rich within so I won't be much different with more funds
Rap game Booker, look around and see all suns
But really we all suns
I'm just the one who been in the gym working tirelessly
Best part bout the future is that I get to retire as me
Highs and lows are synonymous with the sky and the sea
You gotta learn to swim with sharks but still get as high as can be
And now I'm as high as can be
Haven't touched a drug, I touched the source that's residing in me
I could sit still and get as lit as they trying to be
What they manufacture in a substance ain't my energy
Nope, never, aye
Way beyond schools and college lie much higher degrees
Travel to the edge of what they show and widen the screen
Bliss and ecstacy the only things I'm deciding between
No more suffering though
Trust me I tried and it seems
To breathe in this moment right here is truly the finest of things
Oh yes I'm right where I need to be to feel the wind kiss my face and know life is a breeze
Putting life in my dreams
That's why every action that I take like a lightning beam
Maybe I would reassess my drive if the light wasn't green
For now its the brightest of dreams
Its just the kind of life that I done manifested
Everything I am seven

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